Integrated management system policy

Saman Dam Iranian corporation innovator and producer of specialized products for livestock with a highly specialized approach in livestock industry with the aim of continuous improvement in performance and to satisfy it’s customers and compliance with legal requirements in line with public health to the associated risks due to the sudden destruction of industrial equipment and to improve level of occupational health and safety, protecting the environment against hazardous pollutants, reduce economy losses through energy conservation and prevention of uncontrolled consumption and to lengthening equipment life. we maintain and improve our own equipment and we based our policy to integrated management system(IMS)to prevent any interruptions in industrial affaires, and we are committed to apply it’s policies:

  Customer orientation by increasing customer satisfaction and reduction in customer complaints thanks to our high quality products. Maintaining the human resources as one of the valuable assets by targeted training, focusing in research and development in line with the continuous improvements to access the products with competitive advantages, compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to corporation activities including the mandatory standard product, terms and conditions developed by the environmental protection agency and regulations of occupational health and safety developed by the ministry of health and ministry of labor, prevention of environmental pollution hazardous conditions in workplace and optimum use of resources. Company policies are in order to achieve these goals:

Innovation in livestock feed industry with production of Permix and other specialized products in livestock industry, processed food products and alter it to a product that has the best efficiency in digest and metabolism in the body. Providing new products according to researched issues in countryside farms, providing professional services in nutrient and breeding management, providing subspecialty consultations and special after sales services in technical and laboratory fields to countryside farms through educating the ranchers, experts and activists of livestock industry, I am absolutely confident, due to my colleagues affection and perseverance that they will do their best to do the assigned job and they would try their best to achieve companies goals and they would do anything to enhance their knowledge and to protect and improve quality management system. Obviously in order to keep pace with the increasing expectations of our costumers we will revise our policies.