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Today's Iran in longing for development and independent takes firm and strong steps, in a way that everyday in every corner of our country Scientific and technical self-sufficiency buds is happening and with grace and help of God .

In light of the efforts of the scientific and academic community move toward the boundaries of knowledge is accelerating every the meantime every day in our country diary industry is going to the top spot that no doubt continues development in this industry is to Increase Productivity.
One of the best ways to increase productivity is to increase the knowledge of the staffs and there is no doubt that providing practical, Technical and scientific content is going to have the best effects. so we decided to provide scientific and practical content that is used for dairy industry in our website and we dedicate this to live stock industry.

Saman Dam Iranian corporation innovator and producer of specialized products for livestock in the year 2014 with full recognition of livestock industry issues backed by 10 years of experienced staff and with highly specialized approach in the livestock area has started its activities and in this regard its basic mission is to transfer experience to students and experts of livestock industry, innovation and producing new products, providing new services and student adoption and scientism and transfer of experiences in specific courses to ranchers, students and experts of this industry. Our company is one of the first companies which worked on livestock industry especially in dairy industry field and this has led to providing specialized products and professional services in livestock management, feeding and laboratory services to ranchers of our country, Including:

Innovation in livestock feed industry with production of Permix in different levels and for any category of livestock industry according to latest formulation of latest references and minerals requirements to reach the best efficiency in herds, processed food products and alter it to a product that has the best efficiency in digest and metabolism in the body and has the lowest disposal in animal waste like corn processing, soy and cottonseed.

Providing new products according to researched issues in countryside farms to reduce economic costs and to improve production performance and improving reproductive system of the herds.

Providing professional services in nutrient and breeding management and providing diet formulation with efficiency in the herds according to the latest methods.

Providing specialist consultations and special after sales services in technical and laboratory fields to countryside farms.

Providing scientific and practical seminars according to every farm needs, every area individually and collective and according to customers needs.

Promotion of the livestock industry through providing absorption of experts and help to improve the business.

Obtaining valid national and international licenses and certificates like iso9001:2008,iso14001:2004,ohsas18001:2007 to improve the quality of livestock especial products.

Creating export infrastructure



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